Uncle Billy Bobs is FOR SALE!

idaho rental for sale

It’s been a fun run, and we’re sad to see it come to an end but Uncle Billy Bobs is for SALE!

That’s right, we’re packing it in! You can own the Mansion as well as the Uncle Billy Bobs name, website, and phone number! This is a great opportunity to start your own rental business here in one of the most beautiful areas in the state!

Contact Garden Valley Properties for more details!

Relax with the Rednecks!

There’s nothing like getting away from it all for some solid R&R. The sounds of nature in the morning, the buzzing crickets at night, and the beauty of the wilderness are just the right ingredients to entice pretty much anyone into a vacation. If that’s the case, Uncle Billy Bob’s is the perfect place to settle down and have the fun you deserve.

Uncle Billy Bobs are affordable getaway vacation rentals in Garden Valley, IDAHO! More than that it’s a taste of true mountain living at its best! We offer clean rentals with a somewhat wacky tacky ambience in the form of four redneck trailers and one stick built mansion!

Choose from Uncle Billy Bob’s 1, 2 located in Downtown Crouch, 3, Located in Terrace Lakes Resort, Bubba’s Glamper, (DT Crouch), OR the brand new MANSION for your next getaway.


There are plenty of activities to do in Garden Valley in the summer or winter. Check out the activities page for a complete list of fun things to do in the area. Of course, the staff of Uncle Billy Bob’s knows the Garden Valley region like the back of their hands, so don’t hesitate to ask what’s best to check out up here, or any other question you may have. We’ll tell you the local spots that are most affordable and worthwhile nearby. In other words: we’ll hook you up!

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please give us a call at 208.462.5262 or (5BOB) or click on the links below. We’re happy to help with anything you may need to make your days here an unforgettable redneck adventure. Just let us know!

REFUND POLICY – 100% Refund (less 10% to cover credit card & administrative fees), if cancelled more than 30 days prior to the reserved dates. Otherwise we will not be able to offer you a refund.