The Many Benefits of Cross- Country Skiing

Whether you are looking to have a good time, trying to get in shape, or would like to find a unique way of doing both, cross-country skiing could be the perfect option for you! While it may not look this way to outsiders, skiers know that almost every muscle in their body gets a workout while on the trails. Better yet, cross-country skiing can have positive impacts on your heart and lung health. Because your upper and lower body is working together, your respiratory system gets a strong workout. In fact, many skiers have proven to have a much larger oxygen intake than professional track runners.

Cross-country skiing can also have an impact on your psychological health. During the winter months, many people get depressed from the cold and dislike having to stay indoors more frequently. Cross-country skiing gives you a great opportunity to get outside and be active, while losing some of the notorious winter pounds.

These are just a few of the many reasons why cross-country skiing is a worthwhile hobby. Uncle Billy Bob’s in Garden Valley, Idaho has hosted numerous cross-country skiers, as skiers have an affinity for the picturesque trails nearby.  Guests can also enjoy other fun outdoor winter activities in the area, including  snowmobiling, snow shoeing, sledding, our very own sno-tube hill, sleigh rides and hot springs after your Nordic adventures!.

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