Rental Agreement




TEXT: 208-781-0497

GUEST RESERVATON TERMS & POLICIES: By staying at our trailers/mansion; you agree that you have reviewed, the terms & policies here, please send us an email that you have read and understand our policies. It is provided to you prior to your stay and is up to you to read it.

If you book directly through us, we can save you the additional fees some of the bigger booking companies add to your stay, we have added PaySimple, an easy-to-use invoicing system so that you can pay directly with your credit card online and avoid those extra fees. We also accept checks and cash.

There is a one-time, cleaning fee of $50, for units 1, 2,3 & 6, the Glamper is $30, and the Mansion is $75, this is not refundable. There is 11% tax on the top of the rent rate, City of Crouch Resort Tax, Sales Tax, and Hotel/Convention Tax. It’s only 8% at the Terrace Lakes unit as it’s not in the city.

Please contact us for current rates. We require 2 nights minimum on all weekend stays, Winter or Summer. Summer from May 16th on, is a two night minimum/all nights, unless it’s last minute, then we’ll happily book you for one!

RESERVATIONS: Payment is expected at the time of reservation, there is a 2-night minimum on all properties from May 16th -Sept 15th. You can book online or give us a call and we can do it for you.

GUESTS: #1 unit located behind Billy Bob’s Mansion and the storage units can sleep up to 4 guests’ total. #2 unit, located on the corner in DT. Crouch, can sleep up to 8 guest’s total. #3 Unit located in Terrace Lakes can sleep up to 5 guests’ total. #4 Glamper, can sleep up to 2 guests, if there is a 3rd guest, they must provide their own sleeping bag and the cost is $10 per person per night. #5 Billy Bob’s Mansion can sleep up to 6, however, it does have a flex room that can sleep an additional 6 on day beds and air beds, guests must provide their own sleeping bags or bedding and is $10 per person per night above the rent for 6 people. #6 Shag Shack sleeps up to 4, 2 in sleeping bags on the convertible couch (full) and chair (twin).

THE FOLLOWING POLICIES REQUIRE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT BY responding to my email that you have read and understand this agreement…

SMOKING: is NOT allowed indoors, Smoking is allowed OUTDOORS in gravel areas ONLY at #1, #2 or Bubba’s, or on the front porch by the Butt Bucket at #3 and the Mansion. And by the two front chairs by the fire pit at the Shag Shack!

WI-FI: we have Wi-Fi at all units, the password for the Wi-Fi at the Downtown Crouch units is BillyBobRocks. In the white book on the coffee table at #3 there is a code, it is long.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: The trailer is privately owned; the owners are NOT responsible or liable for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on/in the property. The owners are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guests. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises.

RENTAL PROPERTY: Uncle Billy Bob’s Redneck Trailer Vacation Rental, LLC. The approval of this rental agreement at the stated rate is based on the base number of guests allowed on this agreement. Additional guests must be disclosed to, and approved by the owner, and will cost $10 per person per night. Your additional guest will have to bring their own sleeping bags. The reason we limit the number of people staying is because the units may just not be big enough to accommodate more guests safely and comfortably, and we are on septic systems, which dictate, how much affluent (POO) we can safely put into the tanks. Guest(s) may not sublet or assign this rental agreement. I, (Guest) understand the trailer is located next to a residential area, in order to accommodate the surrounding neighbors please be courteous of quiet times, 11pm-9am on weeknights and midnight on weekends in accordance with the City of Crouch noise ordinance.

CHECK IN: 4pm or after.

CHECK OUT: 11:00am or before.

PETS: YES we welcome pets! However, because of the extra cleaning it takes with hair and dander, there is a $25 fee, for up to 3 pets, it is not refundable. Pets ARE NOT allowed on the furniture or beds, this is because future guests may be allergic, so we try to please everyone. Pets are not allowed to remain alone inside the trailer. If it is found there are more or different pets than agreed to on the premises or if complaints come from neighbors about excessive noise due to the pets, guest will be asked to vacate the premises immediately with no refund. PLEASE NEVER leave the pets alone in the units if you are gone!

HOUSEKEEPING & ACCOMMODATIONS: There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens and bath towels are included in the trailer rental, maid service is NOT included in the rental rate. A basic supply of sheets, towels, hand soap, toilet paper, dish soap, paper towels and coffee filters are provided along with house wares. No white bath towels, white hand towels or white washcloths are allowed outside the rental; the colored towels or beach towels can be found by checking the white books in ALL units for their location; they may be taken to the beach/river, swimming pool, but must be returned to receive your full cleaning/security deposit refund, if you were charged one. The property shall be left in the SAME CONDITION upon departure as it was found upon check in. Remove all perishable food items from the refrigerator and clean any spills crumbs fingerprints etc… All furniture and items should be returned to their original location. The Guest may cook only in the areas specifically designated for cooking and may only use the appliances for their intended purpose. Do not make beds that have been slept in and leave dirty towels in bathtub or bathroom floor. Excessive cleaning is considered anything beyond changing bed lines, laundering linens, and dusting, vacuuming, washing the bathroom and kitchen floors, cleaning the bathroom, and putting away clean dishes.

WATER & SEPTIC: the trailer is on a private well and septic system, the septic system is highly effective; however, it will clog up if improper materials are flushed. DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper. NOT even disposable wipes, like baby wipes. No feminine products should be flushed at any time. If it is found that feminine products have been flushed and clog the septic system or any parts of the system including the toilet, you could be charged damages up to $500, which is the cost to unclog the line and pump the septic system. If you are staying at Bubba’s, RV toilets are not like normal flushing toilets, you must hold the lever to allow enough water to get rid of TP and solids, you might try counting 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000, 4-1000, 5,1000. That should be adequate for small jobs, if it still needs more, use all the water you want, I would rather you use the water than clog the toilet!!!

KITCHEN DRAIN: Some of the trailers do not have a garbage disposal, so please scape off all scrapes of food and grease into the garbage can, prior to washing or placing in the dishwasher, and please empty any cooking grease into the provided containers, DO NOT pour grease or fat down ANY drains, as this will result in a costly plumping bill that you would not want to have to pay.

STORMS: No refunds will be given for storms, snow, wind, or any other acts of nature. Mountain roads can be curvy and steep, gravel drives are well maintained; however, we highly recommend four-wheel drive and/or chains during the winter months. We DO NOT refund due to road conditions.

REPAIRS: Please report inoperative equipment to owner or leave a maintenance card, the numbers can be found on front of the white books, we will make every effort to have repairs made as quickly as possible. These failures are beyond our control and no refund or rent reduction will be given. The owner or its staff may enter the property at reasonable times to make repairs if requested by the guest or the owner deems an emergency.

LOST/NON-RETURNED KEY: (Glamper) The key must be returned to the key box at the time of check out. The guest is responsible for the lost key if it is not returned. The property will be re-keyed in the event the key is lost, misplaced, or not returned. All associated costs will be deducted from the deposit (minimum charge to re-key a lock is $150 travel fee + the key, weekdays during normal business hours).

ADDITIONAL GUESTS in SLEEPING BAGS: Any additional persons sleeping in sleeping bags inside the trailer will be charged $10.00 per person per night. If someone has a tent and is sleeping next to the trailer with the owner’s permission, it’s still $10 per person per night.

CHILDREN: are welcome, however there may be conditions in and around the trailer that may pose a hazard to them as well as to adults. The owner does not assume any liability or responsibility for any injuries occurring during your stay, children must always be supervised.

CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUND: All children staying at the UBB Complex are welcome to play on the playground. YOU MUST WATCH YOUR OWN CHILDREN! We are not responsible for them, you are! So, their safety is in your hands.

RV SITES: We now have 2 RV sites; they are located between the #2 unit and the Shag Shack. The weeknight price is $35.00 + 3% tax, the weekend price is $42.50 + 3% tax. If you have stayed with us before at one of our units, you will receive the returning guest discount. Just let us know!

TERMINATION OF RENTAL AGREEMENT: The owner reserves the right to refuse or discontinue tenancy if in their opinion the guest is detrimental to the property. Any violation of the above mentioned policies will result in the immediate eviction and loss of the entire rental and deposit amounts.

CANCELLATION POLICY: 90% refundable if cancelled more than 30 days in advance, otherwise we will not be able to offer you a refund. (There will be a 10% reduction in refund due to the costs we pay to have for credit card use and administrative fees to manage the monies received and returned).

AGREEMENT: This is a legally binding document and should be read carefully before you agree to it. Guest certifies that he/she has read and agrees to abide by the terms and policies of this agreement. If any damages are found upon arrival, or occur during the guests stay, PLEASE immediately report these to the owner at 208-462-5262, or the guest will be responsible for the unreported damage.