Don't run from your in-laws, send them to us!

Hey Folks, Uncle Billy Bob here! Well it’s that time of year again, you know what I’m talking about, the relatives and so called friends, they’ll be showin’ up in droves because it’s always so dang nice up here in Garden Valley during the spring, summer and fall months!

So have me and Bubba got a deal for you…
Farm em out I say, get rid of that baggage, as grandma used to say, company is like fish, they’re fine for a few days and then the git to smellin’! So to keep your sanity, why not book ’em at Uncle Billy Bob’s ! We will soon have the Shag Shack up and running, so we’ll have 6 units to choose from as well as this spring 2 full hook up RV sites!

Oh and the other great thang about #1, #2, #4 Glamper, the Mansion and the Shag Shack along with the RV Sites is that they are walking distance to everything in Crouch, like the bars, now were not saying they might be drinkin, but is they is too, we got you covered!

Spring is almost here!!! Hope to hear from you all soon. Just give us a holler at 462-5BOB (5262), or
visit us on the web at Email: or text at 208-781-0497!