Five Reasons Every Redneck Needs a Vacation

Us rednecks sure like takin’ vacations. Here in Idaho, Uncle Billy Bob’s is a magnet for proud rednecks from all over the place. We often wonder what it is that makes our kind love getting’ away from it all. Maybe it’s something in our blood. Maybe it has something to do with the lifestyle we live and the twisted world we live it in.

We Are Not Made For City Livin’

City life simply moves too dang fast for a redneck. People walkin’ crowded streets with their faces jammed into their newfangled cellular devices. Still, circumstances beyond our control sometimes force us to work in these hostile territories. That’s why we need to get out of the city as often as possible, preferably to a location with as few strangers as possible.

Our Family Values are Strong

Say what you will about rednecks and how they choose to spend their time. One thing that’s undeniable is that we like to keep our family close. There’s nothin’ quite like gathering maw, paw, brothers, sisters and cousins, and lettin’ the timeless family bonds grow and age like a fine barrel of moonshine.

We Like Bein’ Ourselves

That’s right—us rednecks are proud of who we are and what we like. Regardless, we could do without the cockeyed looks we sometimes get from uptight northern types. A vacation allows us to strap on our cowboy boots, throw on suspenders, throw back some cheap beers and listen to raucous country music—all without being judged by people who just don’t know how to have a good time.

We’re Hard Workers

Everyone needs a break every now and then, but nobody needs one more than your common redneck. Some people might see us as lazy, but when we work, we work hard. Gettin’ out in the field and laborin’ in the sun is part of who we are, so we deserve a place to get away just like everyone else.

Just Some Good Old Fashioyeahned Celebratin’

Simply put, rednecks like havin’ a good time, and vacations are always a good time. Especially when you spend it at Uncle Billy Bob’s Redneck Trailers Vacation Rentals. Stop stressin’ and start livin’  by booking your much-needed redneck getaway today.