COVID and Crouch Idaho!

As many of you know that have stayed with us before, we are self-check in, check out, so it actually is great with the COVID virus in mind, since you will only see the people you bring with you, unless you have a problem we need to come and help you with.  If that were to happen, we will happily put on our masks for everyone’s safety!

As far as cleaning and disinfecting, we are following CDC guidelines and sanitize everything as we back our of the door after cleaning the entire unit.  Including TV remote controls and keypads…known for their germs!!!  We’ve had some guests bring their own disinfectants and spray down things also, and we are perfectly okay with that, whatever makes you comfortable is okay by us!

Being in the mountains and fresh air, can actually have a calming effect on many, I know for me, I don’t think I could live anywhere else.  We’re pretty lucky to be able to sit outside and take in all the beauty, views, wildlife and the peacefulness of our little town.  All the units available for renting through the winter are located in the Downtown complex of Crouch, so we feel pretty fortunate to be able to offer those for rent to you.  All the units have fire pits and we supply the wood, so what about an old fashioned wiener roast, or smore’s round the campfire!  As long as there’s not too much snow (and there is not any yet)!  It should be an easy task, just bring your own kindling, or an axe to chop it with, and you’ll be on your way!

All of our units we’ve tried to price as low as possible, so everyone can enjoy some get a way time.  Joe and I first met on a Wildland Firefighting Hotshot Crew in 81 (seasonal work, not a lot of pay, but cherished memories and friends).  A couple of years later, Joe joined the Army, so as many of you know, not a big paycheck again, but it was a fun 10 years and we met great folks and saw a lot of different things on our adventures.  That is why, we’ve tried to keep the prices low, we know it’s hard to raise a family, and go on vacations!  So hopefully this helps everyone! We also offer great discounts to Active Duty as well as all Veterans, EMS and First Responders, so if you are talking to us by, phone, email or text, and you qualify for one of the discounts, please ask!  We are more than happy to offer that to you and grateful for your service!

We are also doing a really great WINTER DISCOUNT now through May 14th, 2021!  If you can get off Mid-week, Sunday-Thursday nights, we are offering 20% off!  This is the biggest discount we have ever offered, but we feel like people really need a change of scenery, with your own quarantine group, or not!   It cannot be combined with any other discounts, but please give us a shout, if you’re interested and we’ll get you all set up!

If you don’t know what’s a good fit, just give us a holler and we’ll help you out.

Thanks to all our guests who have stayed in the past, and thanks to all of you that will make this a new adventure!
Uncle Billy Bob, AKA Joe and Diane