Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation

Are you preparing to go on vacation soon? Good for you. Getting away for a while will be great. However, before you drive away or take off, you should take some time to make sure you’re 100 percent ready to go. Here are a few things you should check off your to-do list prior to… Read more »

Be Healthier This Year by Taking a Vacation

Has it been awhile since you’ve used up your vacation days at work? And don’t forget, even though you might live in the Valley (Treasure, not Garden) you might not see the sun because of the frequent winter inversions down there, but it’s usually sunny up here when you’re having gloomy days!  If so, it’s… Read more »

Science Says You Need a Vacation

When is the last time you took a vacation? If it took you more than a few seconds to answer that question, there’s a good chance it’s been too long since you’ve taken a break from work and given your mind and body the chance to relax and rejuvenate. There are many studies that have… Read more »

North Fork Championship VI

North Fork Championship VI from The North Fork Championship on Vimeo. Insanely HUGE THANK YOU to River Roots, Baker Brothers and Flow Motion Aerials for absolutely SMASHING the North Fork Championship VI edit !!! It is unbelievably impressive what went down this year with high water on the North Fork Payette. The Main Event on… Read more »

The Ultimate Idaho Getaway!

Bubba’s Glamper… So last year, our handyman George was out a weed a whacking away, and discovered there were hook ups between his house and #1!  So we had to do something about that and found us this old 5th wheel RV, from 1987 to be exact!  So we bought her and started cleaning her… Read more »

It’s Vacation Time Idaho!

The snows are quickly melting and the temperatures are up – Spring has sprung and Summer is already well on it’s way here in Idaho! That means just one thing: it’s time to get out and enjoy the outdoors! We’re blessed with an abundance of great things to do here in Garden Valley, everything from… Read more »

Five Reasons Every Redneck Needs a Vacation

Us rednecks sure like takin’ vacations. Here in Idaho, Uncle Billy Bob’s is a magnet for proud rednecks from all over the place. We often wonder what it is that makes our kind love getting’ away from it all. Maybe it’s something in our blood. Maybe it has something to do with the lifestyle we… Read more »

This spring we ripped into good ol’ #1!!!

Hey Y’all, This spring we ripped into good ol’ #1, yep, she was our first baby we put out there to see what we could catch; and catch on we did!  We figured, heck, we’d price it just like Uncle Earl did his car paintin’ business!  $59.95! Yee haw!  So me and Paw Paw went… Read more »