10 Reasons for a Getaway

Few things are more enjoyable than a vacation.  Whether it’s a last minute weekend getaway or an escape you’ve planned for months, a trip can remind you of how great life can be.  Today, we give you – David Letterman style- the top ten reasons that you may need a vacation.

10) You just found out that you will be spending a weekend with your in-laws, and your only way out is to say that you have a surprised romantic getaway planned with your wife.

9) Strands of hair are showing up on your desk at work, presumably from too much stress.

8) Getting woken up early on Saturday or Sunday by your children or pet no longer seems cute.

7) You help your child out with their homework, only to have the teacher mark it wrong and put a question mark next to the answer (hat tip to Ask Tina for that one).

6) Now that you are older, you need an excuse to get drunk for a week or weekend.

5) Every time you think of your boss, you unknowingly clench a fist with your hand.

4) The last time you had a chance to do whatever you pleased, Bob Dole was running for president.

3) Your wife keeps mentioning the handsome bachelor that bought the house down the street.

2) For the last few years, your idea of fun is watching NCIS reruns and cooking shows.

1) Why not?  A getaway is fun, healthy and an opportunity to experience new things, or rekindle old traditions.

Posted By: Uncle Billy Bob’s